• Rachel Vercoe

Stunning morning at Sandy Beach

WEATHER is a fickle thing. When scheduling in a photo session it's important to remember the day before or even on the day, the weather forecast might mean it's best to reschedule.

This happened with Karla, Scott and Ava.

The first time we had to call off the photoshoot due to rain setting in the night before. So we rescheduled for a couple of weeks later, then, as if the weather knew we had plans, it rained again!

We rescheduled for a third time and on the morning of the shoot, everything seemed promising.

We met at Sandy Beach and were rewarded with a dramatic sky and perfect morning. Third time lucky!

One year old Ava was an absolutely gorgeous model who smiled every time I asked her to for the camera. Have a scroll through the photos to see why it was worth the wait for the perfect morning.

Thanks Karla, Scott and Ava for being such great models during our relaxed beach session.

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